What Makes Macadamia Oil The Best Ingredient For Hair

What Makes Macadamia Oil The Best Ingredient For Hair

Natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, argan oil play a vital role in your daily skincare and haircare routine. Add Macadamia oil to this list too. Wondering about this oil not being so popular as the other counterparts? Trust us to let you know that this oil holds a significant position in the haircare world. Macadamia oil is loaded with beauty and health benefits because of the presence of essential nutrients. In this article, we will be talking about how Macadamia oil is beneficial for your hair.

Macadamia Oil 

Macadamia oil is a clear, non-volatile, pale yellow coloured liquid that is collected by cold pressing the nuts of macadamia, a native Australian plant. Unlike coconut oil, macadamia oil is liquid at room temperature. Macadamia oil is rich in potassium, essential fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. It is rich in palmitoleic acid, an ingredient that is known to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. It is non-greasy and light hence penetrates deeper into the hair shaft, nourishing your strands from deep within. Due to its beauty benefits, macadamia oil is used in many hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks etc.

Benefits Of Macadamia Oil For Hair 

Macadamia oil is rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals which are considered to be the prerequisites for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. It helps to improve the texture of your hair, controls frizz, adds shine to your hair because of its nourishing and hydrating property. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of macadamia oil.

1. Adds Strength To Your Strands 

Macadamia oil is rich in lipids which are known to maintain hair health. Being light, macadamia oil is able to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. It fortifies the hair follicles with nutrients, adds strength and promotes the healthy growth of your hair.

2. Protects And Repairs The Damaged Strands 

Macadamia oil is rich in tocopherols and squalene which are known to protect your hair from external damage. Tocopherols exhibit antioxidant property which effectively protects your strands from damage. Squalene is an ingredient that is known to be found in the sebum and it protects your strands from the damaging effect of the sun.

3. Improves Hair Health 

Being rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium phosphorous, niacin, sodium; macadamia oil is known to improve the texture and appearance of your hair. It nourishes, rejuvenates and moisturizes your strands, thereby improving your hair health.

4. Boosts Collagen Production 

Macadamia oil is rich in amino acid content which is known to boost collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps to improve the elasticity of your hair, thus preventing hair breakage and hair thinning. Amino acids are also known to strengthen your hair, improve hydration and maintain its pH level.

5. Promotes Hair Growth 

Macadamia oil is a rich source of vitamin E which is known to promote blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles. Its antioxidant property, repairs the damaged cells, promoting the growth of healthy hair.

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6. Keeps The Strands Well Hydrated 

Powered with fatty acids and Vitamin E, macadamia oil is known to keep your strands well moisturized. As it is a lightweight oil, macadamia oil gets absorbed into the shaft easily and its hydrating property keeps your strands well moisturized, soft and smooth.

7. UV Protection 

It is high in squalene which forms a protective layer over the hair shaft protecting your hair from the harmful effects of the UV rays. It is high in palmitoleic acid which is known to protect the outer layer of the cell membrane.

8. Adds Smoothness To Hair 

Its hydrating property makes your hair soft, adding shine and smoothness to it. Regular application of macadamia oil makes it easier to tame your dry and frizzy hair.

9. Reduces Frizz 

Its emollient property helps to keep your strands moisturized, reduces dryness and frizzy hair. It makes your hair more manageable.

10. Improves Scalp Health 

Its nourishing, revitalizing and hydrating properties help to keep your scalp healthy, well-nourished and well moisturized.

Due to these incredible beauty benefits macadamia oil is considered to be an elixir for your hair.

Macadamia Oil Vs Argan Oil 

Unlike other natural oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba and olive oil, macadamia oil is not so popular among people. Argan oil is the most popular natural oil when it comes to hair care. Argan oil and macadamia oil share some common properties due to which macadamia oil has secured a significant position in the beauty industry.

  • Both oils are lightweight, non-greasy and get absorbed into the hair easily.
  • Both argan and macadamia oil are multi-functional when it comes to hair care, as both the oils are power-packed with essential nutrients which are required for maintaining good scalp health and hair health.
  • Both provide protection against UV rays as both the oils contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and provide protection to your strands.
  • The major difference between argan oil and macadamia oil is the place of origin. Argan oil is the native of Morocco and macadamia oil is from Australia.
  • Both the oils are considered to be exotic and give a rich, luxurious feeling when applied.
  • Argan oil is more expensive of the two, as argan oil is only extracted in Morocco and due to the extensive extraction method it is known as liquid gold.

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How To Use Macadamia Oil For Hair Growth 

Macadamia oil is packed with the goodness of nutrients that are required for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. Regular application of which helps to improve the texture, appearance and structure of your hair. Let’s see how to include macadamia oil in your daily hair care routine so that you can also harness the benefits of macadamia oil.

1. Hot Oil Massage 

Hot oil massage is always beneficial for the growth of healthy hair. It stimulates the hair follicles, improves blood circulation and promotes the growth of hair, adding volume and bounce to your hair.

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2. Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Macadamia oil is beneficial for all hair types, especially dry, dull and damaged hair, as it helps to make your hair soft, smooth and more manageable. If you have extremely dry and damaged hair, try macadamia oil deep conditioning treatment by mixing 2 tablespoons of macadamia oil with 1 tablespoon aloe vera and 2 teaspoons of honey. Mix well and apply this mixture all over your scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off.

3. Intense Hydrating Hair Mask 

You can make your hydrating hair mask at home using macadamia oil. Mix macadamia oil with hydrating natural hydrating ingredients such as yogurt, egg, honey, banana and apply as a hair mask. This DIY hair mask keeps your hair well hydrated, well-nourished, controls frizz, adds shine and strength to your hair.

4. Moisturizing Shampoo 

If your hair is extremely dry, adding few drops of macadamia oil to your regular shampoo will help in restoring the natural moisture and shine of your hair. It helps prevent your shampoo from stripping natural oil from the hair and scalp.

5. Styling Product 

Macadamia oil can also be used as a styling product. It can be applied as a hair serum to tame your unmanageable, frizzy hair. It can also be used as a heat protectant before using any styling tool to protect your hair from heat.

Macadamia Oil is Suitable for Which Hair Type? 

Macadamia oil is suitable for all types of hair, particularly dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Its intense hydrating property effectively helps to tame your dry, frizzy curls. It defines your curls and adds structure to your tresses. This beauty oil is also known to regulate sebum production in extremely dry or oily hair.

Take Away 

Macadamia oil is known for its hydrating, nourishing, rejuvenating and repairing properties, thus keeping your tresses soft, smooth, shiny. With regular application, you will definitely see an improvement in your scalp and hair condition.





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