LOC Method: The Perfect Way To Moisturize Your Curls

LOC Method: The Perfect Way To Moisturize Your Curls!

Curly hair tends to become dry real soon and it can be a daunting task to manage your curls. Keeping reading to know more about the LOC method, how is it helpful in keeping your strands moisturized and your curls defined.

What Is The LOC Method? 

The term LOC stands for leave-in conditioner/liquid, oil and cream. This is the latest haircare technique which requires water or water-based hair care product, oil (whichever you prefer) and a cream to keep your curls hydrated, soft and shiny. The name itself signifies the order in which the products should be applied on your hair in order to keep your strands moisturized for a longer time. Curly hair is more prone to dryness and frizz, hence requires special care and attention. The main aim of the LOC method is to improve the texture and appearance of your curls.

The concept of the LOC method is layering of the haircare products in a specific order for maximum moisturization and most importantly retaining the moisture for a longer time. This method helps to make your curls well defined, well-hydrated, soft, shiny and less frizzy. In this method, the liquid is for hydrating the curls, oil and cream together seal the cuticles and trap the moisture inside your strands, thus improving the pattern of your curls.

How Does It Work And How To Use? 

This unique haircare technique was designed by Rochelle Graham-Campbell of Alikay Naturals which involves the layering of haircare products in the right manner to maximize moisture retention. It aims at taming your dry, frizzy curls by creating a protective layer over the surface of the strands. Your hair goes through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis which strips it off the natural oil. By following these 3 simple steps you can keep your curls hydrated and enhance the structure of your curl pattern.

  • Cleanse your hair thoroughly to get rid of product buildup.
  • Apply a layer of moisture over the surface of the strands.
  • Seal the leave-in conditioner with suitable oil and cream to prevent moisture loss which in turn helps in retaining moisture for a longer time.

LOC method is especially beneficial for those who are struggling with dryness and frizziness. The oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and cream helps to close the cuticles of your hair, thus retaining moisture for long hours.

How To Do The LOC Method? 

You must be curious to know how to do the LOC method on your curls. So, here we are sharing the sequence in which the hair care products should be applied on your curls.

1. Cleanse Your Hair

Before you start off with anything new on your hair, you need to cleanse your hair thoroughly to get rid of product build-up. Apply a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up and cleanse your scalp and hair thoroughly. Now your hair is ready for LOC method.

2. Apply Leave-In Conditioner 

Detangle your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner on your washed hair. Experts recommend using light-weight water-based conditioners, as it can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft. Divide your hair into thin sections and apply the leave-in conditioner evenly on your strands. You could also spritz water onto your curls in place of a leave-in conditioner as the name LOC stands for leave-in conditioner/liquid.

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3. Oil It Up 

Once your hair is moisturized, you can move on to the next step i.e oiling your hair. Pick a hair oil of your choice and apply the thin layer of oil evenly on your hair from root to tip. Choose an oil depending upon the porosity of your hair. If your hair is oily and weighs down easily then use a light-weight oil such as sweet almond oil, argan oil, and grapeseed oil. On the contrary, if your hair does not weigh down easily, then you can go for coconut oil, jojoba oil. These natural oils penetrate deep into the hair shaft, adding hydration, nourishment and shine to the strands.

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4. Follow It Up With A Cream 

After applying oil to your hair, follow it up with a cream. This is the concluding step in the LOC method. Apply a butter-based, thick moisturizing cream, as it helps to close the cuticles of your hair, thus sealing the moisture inside the hair shaft. Choose a hydrating cream according to the texture of your hair, as cream provides definition to your curls, makes it soft and adds shine to your curls. Make thin sections of your hair and take a moderate amount of the moisturizing cream in your hand, apply it evenly on your curls. Now you are ready to style your hair as per your desire.

Who Should Use The LOC Method?

LOC method is designed for people with high porosity hair, as in high porosity hair, the cuticles are loosely packed, hence are not able to hold moisture and tend to easily become dry and frizzy. LOC method helps to retain moisture in the hair shaft by sealing the cuticles, providing maximum moisture retention.
If you have low porosity hair and still want to give LOC method a try, you can by making slight changes in the product layering. The method that is typically recommended by experts for people with low porosity is the LCO method. The name LCO method is self-explanatory as it involves applying liquid (leave-in conditioner), then a moisturizing cream which is followed by oiling. By making this slight change in the order of layering the products, you will notice a huge transformation in the behaviour of your curls. You will notice that your curls have become more manageable.

Which Leave-In Conditioner Works Best For LOC Method? 

The first and foremost step of the LOC Method is hydrating your curls. Cleanse your hair and apply a water-based leave-in conditioner as it helps to open up the cuticles. Open cuticles facilitate easy penetration of the oil into the shaft. The oil and cream work together to seal the cuticle and prevent moisture loss, thus helping to retain moisture for a longer time. Experts recommend using a water-based leave-in conditioner for LOC method.

Which Cream Is Best For The LOC Method? 

Application of cream on your strands is the last step of the LOC method. You might be wondering which type of cream is ideal for application on hair. The cream which is used in the LOC method should not be water-based. Check the ingredient list and look for moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter or any other butter. Look for terms such as souffle, mousse, smoothie, moisture sealant and styling cream on the label of your hair care product.

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