All You Need to Know About Maintaining the pH of Your Skin
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All You Need to Know About Maintaining the pH of Your Skin

The nip in the air, the wind in your hair, the coldness of your palm and feet, the need for a warm hug from someone, longing for a soft blanket and an incessant requirement of coffee are indicators...
Why to Use Argan Oil for Acne?
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Infographic: How to Avoid Pimples/Acne

Pimples or acne breakouts is one of the most common skin problems which people suffer from. The causes of pimples can be due to hormonal imbalance or by following a bad skincare routine. Every pers...
Infographic: Anti-Ageing Tips
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Infographic: Natural Anti-Ageing Tips

While ageing is a completely natural process, by incorporating these completely natural anti-ageing tips and practices in your life, you can delay the signs of aging. A combination of healthy foods...
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Infographic: DIY Remedies for Anti-Ageing

How does one slow down the signs of ageing? The process of ageing gets speeded by stress, pollution, processed foods, overconsumption of caffeine, smoking and lack of exercise. To make matters wors...
Balance Oily Skin
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Infographic: DIY Remedies to Avoid Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the major skin concerns for some people. It is caused due overproduction of oil from the sebaceous glands. This leads to the skin becoming very greasy which causes frequent acne...
Argan Oil
Argan Oil

11 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair and Skin (Infographic)

Argan Oil is one of the newest trending product in global beauty regimes. It is also known as ‘liquid gold’ or the ‘miracle oil’. Pressed from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree, argan oi...
Benefits of Castor Oil
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10 Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair and Skin (Infographic)

While it has its unusual smell and thickness, castor oil has traditionally been used as a dependable ingredient in topical skin and hair treatments. This is because castor oil is full of Omega 6 an...
Homemade Lip balm to nourish lips

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes (Infographic)

There are a lot of benefits of lip balm. It provides the necessary nourishment to the lips making them soft and supple. There are hundreds of lip balms available in the market but how about learnin...
How to get Pink Lips naturally

How to Protect Your Lips (Infographic)

Lips are considered an important feature on the face and it is important to keep them soft and smooth. A lot of people struggle with the issue of chapped lips, so proper care needs to be taken on a...