10 Effective Ways to Use Soap Nut (Reetha) for Cleaning
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Reetha (Soap Nut) for Hair - Benefits, Uses & more

Soap Nut or Reetha is nature's own cleaner. It has traditionally been used for washing purposes due to its cleaning properties. Reetha benefits for hair and skin have been acknowledged in Ayurveda ...
Natural Ingredients for long and shiny hair
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How to Grow Hair Faster, Shinier and Thicker: Home Remedies & Tips

Long, beautiful hair is desired by all. But achieving and maintaining that requires care. Lack of nutrition, heat, dirt, pollution, harsh chemicals, aggressive styling all can put a dent in the dre...
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Top 12 Healthy Food For Natural Hair Growth

Everyone loves their beautiful hair. Be it men or women, we all desire the thick and shiny hair with no hair fall problems. But poor nutritional choices, the polluted environment, along with our bu...
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How to Make Eyebrows Thicker Remedies and Tips

Thick healthy eyebrows not only look beautiful but bring out the art and brightness in your eyes, highlighting them naturally. Constant plucking of eyebrows to maintain them in shape, poor and low ...
Cinnamon Essential Oil- Benefits, Precautions & more
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Cinnamon Essential Oil - Benefits, Precautions & more

What Is Cinnamon Oil? Cinnamon is amongst the widely used spices and can be found in every Indian kitchen. The oil extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree is cinnamon essential oil. It has a b...