Simple DIY Turmeric Face Mask for Glowing Skin
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Turmeric Face Mask - 9 Effective Ways for Healthy Skin

Turmeric is known to have great cosmetic properties and has been used for ages, by both men and women, to treat skin problems. It is easily available and affordable too. It can be helpful in gettin...
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Skin Peeling on Face - Causes and Remedies

Alternatively known as desquamation, skin peeling can be an uncomfortable condition to deal with. This refers to the unintended damage meted out to your skin and the resultant damage and loss of th...
Argan Oil for Acne - Why and How to Use
Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Acne - Why and How to Use

Argan oil is a plant-based oil extracted from the nut of the argan tree. Argan oil is rich in natural vitamins, phenolic compounds and carotene and it also contains unsaturated fats like omega 3 an...
Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil
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Interesting Benefits of Green Tea Oil for Skin, Hair & Health

What Is Green Tea Essential Oil? Green tea essential oil is a tea that is extracted from the seeds or the leaves of the green tea plant which is a large shrub with white flowers. The extraction can...
Essential oils for anti-ageing
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13 Best Anti Aging Essential Oils

The environment we live in is full of free radicals, pollutants and high amount of chemicals which induce negative effects on the skin. These include increased vulnerability to pimples, dark spots,...
How to Do Facial at Home - 6 Steps to Follow
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How to Do a Facial at Home - 6 Steps to Follow

Facial is necessary for a healthy skin. But often booking appointments at a spa is heavy on the money and the time. What if you could achieve the same results through natural facial at home? A few ...
Homemade Lip balm to nourish lips

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes (Infographic)

There are a lot of benefits of lip balm. It provides the necessary nourishment to the lips making them soft and supple. There are hundreds of lip balms available in the market but how about learnin...
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6 Daily Habits To Keep Your Skin Healthy (Infographic)

Having a skin care routine can really improve your skin over time. Such a routine will help you to inculcate healthy skin habits, which will prevent many problems such as blemishes and signs of age...
Skin Benefits of Almond Oil
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How to Remove Dead Skin- 10 Simple Remedies to Try Out for

Our skin is in a constant cycle of regeneration - the old skin cells die and give way to the new cells. This cycle takes place by shedding of the topmost layer of our skin to reveal the underlying ...